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Analyzes scanned documents and recognizes text
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Extracting text from documents saved as image files or uneditable PDFs is the purpose of this OCR scanner. It analyzes the file using advanced recognition algorithms, saves the structure of the texts and generates the results in an Office file. Integration with word processors is possible.

In today's world, recycling is very important, and this includes documents intended for a single use, such as printed documents and PDF files. This program lets you scan printed documents and convert them into files that are compatible with word processors such as MS Word, Windows Notepad, and more. Also, you can convert read-only PDF files into editable documents easily. This is done using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

At startup, the program shows a task menu where you can choose to scan a document and convert it into an editable format. You can also choose to convert a read-only PDF file and transform it into a Word, .rtf or .txt file.

The program's interface is very straightforward. If at startup you didn't choose the task you want to perform, you can do so once the program has started by using the icons at the upper left corner. The interface is divided into two main parts. In the upper one, the text of the scanned document or .pdf file will appear. The program will run the recognition process and will show the results in the lower window. If you chose to convert the text into an MS Word document, the program will open the document using MS Word, and so on.

In general, the character recognition and the speed of the program are fast and accurate, so you may want to give this program a try.

You can try the program by downloading its shareware version. Its limitation is that it will insert a watermark on the finished documents. Also, several functions are disabled. There is also a basic, more affordable version of the program at the developer's website.

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  • The program has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface
  • It is very useful for recycling existing material


  • The cost is not very affordable
  • As with other OCR programs, the character recognition is not completely precise, so you need to check the resulting document before using it to detect possible corrections
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